Streamline Operational Knowledge Transfer In Your Insurance Brokerage

12 Feb 2018
Transferring information from one department to another seems like it should be easy, but in reality it’s profoundly challenging.... Read More

How to Accelerate the Sales Process of Complex Insurance Policies

6 Feb 2018
Complex insurance policies often require a great amount of work from the very start. And, that doesn’t change once the sale is completed.... Read More

How to Introduce Insurance Agency Management Systems to Your Team

29 Jan 2018
When new technology becomes available, the people behind that technology quickly get to work marketing and selling their solutions to decision makers within their industries. Of course, when technology is... Read More

Tips on Increasing IT ROI For Insurance Distribution Operations

16 Jan 2018
Today, every insurance distribution professional is looking for an edge. The insurance marketplace is moving faster than ever, competition is fierce, and there’s an indefatigable push to be ever more... Read More

Smartly Leveraging Technology for Your Insurance Distribution Strategy

27 Dec 2017
The insurance industry is in the throes of major disruption.  For agents, the shift towards more of a digital advisor capacity, using technology to automate a previously human-led sales process... Read More

3 Lesser Known Uses of Data Analytics for Insurance Agency Management

18 Dec 2017
“Big data” is the buzzword heard all over the insurance industry, but how can agencies use big data to better help their customers, make more sales, and improve retention rates?... Read More

What To Do About Your Lost Policy Renewals

11 Dec 2017
According to, the average salary for an insurance broker in the UK is £38,668, while according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for a U.S. insurance agent is $49,990.... Read More

Next-Gen Insurtech Fosters More Meaningful Customer Engagement

20 Nov 2017
There used to be a time when everything was analog—pen and paper, rotary phones, and cable-driven machinery. Those days are, of course, long gone.... Read More

3 Ways to Transform Your Insurance Agency’s Data into 'Quality Data'

9 Nov 2017
For most companies, the problem isn’t data collection. It’s what to do with the data they have. After all, what good is data if it just sits there and does nothing?... Read More

Level Up Your Insurance Distribution Business with Super Agents & Power Brokers

2 Nov 2017
No one wants their insurance brokerage to fail. And yet, most insurance brokerages aren’t doing what it takes to make sales maintain a high retention rate, or solve client problems.... Read More

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