Profitability as a KPI

11 Dec 2018
Broadly speaking, the insurance industry tends to focus on four main key performance indicators (KPIs): customers, policies, premiums and commissions. However, only examining these four areas can cause people to overlook one of the most important KPIs – profitability. Measuring and monitoring ... Read More

The data ‘Big Bang’

15 Nov 2018
The data evolution   There are 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day at our current pace, and that pace is accelerating with the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT). Even the most sophisticated systems have historically required at least some level of manual input, but now, almost all ... Read More

Customer Centricity in Insurance

8 Nov 2018
Smart phones are nothing if not addictive - some of us look at our mobile phones over 150 times a day. For an insurer or broker that’s over 50,000 opportunities a year to engage with customers, but only if you’re set up to reach them via mobile channels. ... Read More

Getting the Most Out of Insurance Broker Tech Investments

25 Oct 2018
Small and medium enterprise (SME) brokerages are at a crossroads. While they don’t have the budget of their larger counterparts, they do have the potential for a serious competitive advantage.... Read More

How Insurance Brokers Can Improve Business Performance

17 Oct 2018
In the previous post, we discussed how data can help revenue growth. Now, we turn to how data can be used to increase profit margins by improving efficiency.   Data delivers powerful insights about... Read More

How Insurance Brokers Can Use Data to Maximize Revenue Growth

10 Oct 2018
The signs of a thriving business are easily measured: growing revenue and expanding profit margins.... Read More

How Insurance Brokers Can Use Data to Enhance the Customer Experience

19 Sep 2018
While everyone understands the meaning of customer service, ask a handful of people for a definition of “customer experience,” and you’ll probably get a handful of answers.... Read More

The Quick Guide to Data Monetization for Insurance Brokerages

3 Sep 2018
The Financial Services industry spends over $6 billion a year on data-related programs and over 90% of insurers have data and analytics initiatives under way.  ... Read More

Insurance Distribution Innovation: It’s More Than a Shiny Ribbon on an Old Box

18 Jul 2018
Like it or not, digital technologies are changing the traditional broker business model:... Read More

Data Monetization Definition & How to Turn Your Insurance Brokerage Data into Revenue

5 Jul 2018
Market commentators are positive about the outlook for the broker industry. Company valuations are high, profitability is stable, and revenue growth is expected to increase throughout 2018. ... Read More

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