Lianne Trantz

    With more than 20 years of global marketing experience at both high-tech startups and established enterprises, Lianne Trantz now serves VP of Marketing for Novidea. She is known for her expertise in brand, field and product marketing that focuses squarely on customer needs and customer value.
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    What To Do About Your Lost Policy Renewals

    11 Dec 2017
    Happy anniversary (policy anniversary, that is). According to, the average salary for an insurance broker in the UK is £38,668 . And, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S., the median salary for an insurance agent is $49,990 .... Read More

    3 Ways to Transform Your Insurance Agency’s Data into 'Quality Data'

    9 Nov 2017
    For most companies, the problem isn’t data collection. It’s what to do with the data they have. After all, what good is data if it just sits there and does nothing?... Read More

    4 Reasons Your Insurance Agency is Losing Customers

    19 Oct 2017
    Picture this: Your sales are slipping and you can’t figure out why. It’s been like this for the last year or two, but it’s worsened over the past quarter. People aren’t renewing their policies with your brokerage.... Read More

    Roi Agababa Shares Insights at SaaStock Event in Tel Aviv – Here’s a Recap

    26 Jun 2017
    If there’s anyone who knows how to get traditional businesses to consider new ideas, its Roi Agababa.... Read More

    5 Challenges Facing Insurance Brokers and How to Overcome Them

    15 Jun 2017
    That client just called again. They want to make yet another change to their coverage. It would be alright if this stupid “new and improved” policy management system would just do what you wanted it to.... Read More

    3 Ways Insurance Agents Can Improve Customer Relationships

    25 May 2017
    Insurance is a customer-centric business at its core. However, many insurance agents and brokers are not living up to their customers’ expectations when it comes to the experiences they deliver.... Read More

    Novidea Demo Hits the Mark for Brokers at BIBA 2017

    22 May 2017
    Our booth was not the wildest at the show (no VR, sports cars or candy floss), but Novidea got plenty of attention at the 2017 British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) Conference & Exhibition.... Read More

    How insurance agencies can increase customer retention rates

    18 May 2017
    Customer retention should be a top priority for any insurance agency that wants to avoid experiencing a 'revolving door' of accounts.... Read More

    Brokerfest 2017 Highlights: Ian Cohen stirs the (rice) pot

    6 Apr 2017
    The Insurance Times' one-day Brokerfest 2017 conference in London last month was in some ways a debut event for Novidea– and we were blown away by the reception we got.... Read More

    How Insurance Agents Can Become More Customer-Centric

    16 Mar 2017
    Having an amazing offering and providing robust customer support may be enough to make your customers like your agency. But being liked isn't enough.... Read More

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