Sharone Volk

A founding partner at Novidea and currently VP of Product, Sharone’s years of executive-level experience in insurance operations help guide Novidea’s global product strategy, innovation roadmap, product management and product marketing. Prior to joining Novidea, Sharone served as CTO at the Phoenix Insurance Company and as a VP of Technology at Migdal Insurance.
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Recent Posts

Data Monetization Definition & How to Turn Your Insurance Brokerage Data into Revenue

5 Jul 2018
Market commentators are positive about the outlook for the broker industry. Company valuations are high, profitability is stable, and revenue growth is expected to increase throughout 2018. ... Read More

Building a Business Case for a Centralized Approach to Data Management and Protection

18 Jun 2018
In this article we consider the financial elements of a business case for moving to a new operating model based on a centralized approach to data management and protection.... Read More

Long-term Benefits of Data & the Use of  Insurance Analytics

30 May 2018
For years already “data” has been a buzzword in the insurance industry,  but only recently has the availability &  accessibility of policyholder data begun to actually change how the industry operates.... Read More

Taking Baby Steps to Transition to a Digital Insurance Brokerage

16 May 2018
There's no doubt you've heard the phrase "going digital." For many brokers and agents, that sounds time-consuming, complex, and downright scary.... Read More

Smartly Leveraging Technology for Your Insurance Distribution Strategy

27 Dec 2017
The insurance industry is in the throes of major disruption.  For agents, the shift towards more of a digital advisor capacity, using technology to automate a previously human-led sales process... Read More

3 Lesser Known Uses of Data Analytics for Insurance Agency Management

18 Dec 2017
“Big data” is the buzzword heard all over the insurance industry, but how can agencies use big data to better help their customers, make more sales, and improve retention rates?... Read More

Next-Gen Insurtech Fosters More Meaningful Customer Engagement

20 Nov 2017
There used to be a time when everything was analog—pen and paper, rotary phones, and cable-driven machinery. Those days are, of course, long gone.... Read More

The Top 3 Reasons Customer Data Goes Unused in the Insurance Industry

14 Sep 2017
How's this for a bold claim: Companies in the insurance industry are better than the NSA at collecting its customer’s data!... Read More

Overcome Obstacles and Boost Sales with Insurance Distribution Technology

6 Jul 2017
Your customers want you to service them, and they want that service… like… yesterday.... Read More

A Cloud-based Platform: The Answer to Your Insurance Distribution Challenges

30 Jun 2017
A prospect just called in for a quote, and you told them you’d get back to them in 5 minutes. When you call back, they’ve moved on. They got a quote already and went with another agent.... Read More

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