The Quick Guide to Data Monetization for Insurance Brokerages

3 Sep 2018
The Financial Services industry spends over $6 billion a year on data-related programs and over 90% of insurers have data and analytics initiatives under way.  ... Read More

Overcome Obstacles and Boost Sales with Insurance Distribution Technology

6 Jul 2017
Your customers want you to service them, and they want that service… like… yesterday.... Read More

A Cloud-based Platform: The Answer to Your Insurance Distribution Challenges

30 Jun 2017
A prospect just called in for a quote, and you told them you’d get back to them in 5 minutes. When you call back, they’ve moved on. They got a quote already and went with another agent.... Read More

5 Challenges Facing Insurance Brokers and How to Overcome Them

15 Jun 2017
That client just called again. They want to make yet another change to their coverage. It would be alright if this stupid “new and improved” policy management system would just do what you wanted it to.... Read More

Upgrading Legacy Technology in the Insurance Industry

4 May 2017
We've covered before how many businesses in the insurance industry are using a collection of software (or a 'stack') that's unfit for the ultra-competitive business environment that is modern insurance.... Read More

Insurance Agents and Brokers Must Adapt to Avoid Becoming Obsolete

23 Feb 2017
We are currently living in the fastest period of technical advancement in human history. Diminishing barriers to entry have placed cutting-edge technology in the hands of almost anybody who wants it.... Read More

How Cloud Environments Can Transform Your Insurance Agency/Brokerage

16 Feb 2017
Many insurance intermediaries maintain a tenacious grip on outdated tools to manage their workflows. This mentality is normal and understandable. It's also likely holding your business back.... Read More

Insurance Distribution Needs a Kick in the Pants, and We Intend to Blog About It

9 Feb 2017
Welcome to the debut post on the brand-new Novidea blog. Shall we start with a survey?... Read More

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