Next-Gen Insurtech Fosters More Meaningful Customer Engagement

20 Nov 2017
There used to be a time when everything was analog—pen and paper, rotary phones, and cable-driven machinery. Those days are, of course, long gone.... Read More

4 Reasons Your Insurance Agency is Losing Customers

19 Oct 2017
Picture this: Your sales are slipping and you can’t figure out why. It’s been like this for the last year or two, but it’s worsened over the past quarter. People aren’t renewing their policies with your brokerage.... Read More

How to Leverage Data to Help Your Insurance Agency Make the Best Decisions

12 Oct 2017
Data is one of the most overlooked elements in running a successful insurance agency. Sure, brokers give it lip service, but most lack the technology required to really take advantage of data analytics.... Read More

The #1 Way for Brokers to Adapt to Insurance Compliance Regulations

17 Aug 2017
The “sales prevention unit” (also known as “the compliance department”) serves a vital role in insurance brokerage firms, even though every broker and agent hates to talk about it.... Read More

4 Ways Your Insurance Brokerage can Get a Competitive Edge

3 Aug 2017
One of the hardest things for insurance brokers to understand is the need to keep up with the times.... Read More

3 Ways Technology Advancements Impact Insurance Brokerage Revenues

20 Jul 2017
Wouldn’t you like to make more money?  (Of course, you would! Dumb, question, right?)... Read More

Overcome Obstacles and Boost Sales with Insurance Distribution Technology

6 Jul 2017
Your customers want you to service them, and they want that service… like… yesterday.... Read More

Roi Agababa Shares Insights at SaaStock Event in Tel Aviv – Here’s a Recap

26 Jun 2017
If there’s anyone who knows how to get traditional businesses to consider new ideas, its Roi Agababa.... Read More

3 Ways Data-driven Insights Boost Insurance Agent Performance

30 Mar 2017
Data is extremely powerful and has the ability to completely upend the way insurance agents and brokers track and improve their performance. ... Read More

How Insurance Agents Can Benefit from Using the Cloud

9 Mar 2017
Every time you upload a file to Google Drive or manage your international contact directory via Skype, you are tapping into the power of centralized computing taking place on the network 'cloud'.... Read More

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