Shifting Insurance Distribution Models: How Intermediaries Should Respond

4 Jun 2018
In a previous article, we explored the implications for GDPR on distributors and noted that rather than considering data protection a burden, forward-thinking firms think of it as an opportunity.... Read More

Long-term Benefits of Data & the Use of  Insurance Analytics

30 May 2018
For years already “data” has been a buzzword in the insurance industry,  but only recently has the availability &  accessibility of policyholder data begun to actually change how the industry operates.... Read More

4 Ways to Gain Strategic Partnerships for Agents & Brokers

19 Sep 2017
Every insurance professional wants a competitive advantage. So much so that it’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you need to outsell everyone around you. But that mentality can only take you so far. ... Read More

The Top 3 Reasons Customer Data Goes Unused in the Insurance Industry

14 Sep 2017
How's this for a bold claim: Companies in the insurance industry are better than the NSA at collecting its customer’s data!... Read More

How Agents & Brokers Can Better Leverage Active Risk Management Programs

20 Apr 2017
Risk management is the bread and butter of the insurance industry. For too many, however, the strategies that govern their attempt to manage the risks in their book of business are stuck in the past.... Read More

The #1 KPI That Insurance Agents Should Focus On (But Often Don't)

13 Apr 2017
Insurance agents and brokers have been accustomed to considering primarily four key performance indicators (KPIs) when assessing how to best measure their overall success:... Read More

3 Ways Data-driven Insights Boost Insurance Agent Performance

30 Mar 2017
Data is extremely powerful and has the ability to completely upend the way insurance agents and brokers track and improve their performance. ... Read More

How Insurance Agents Can Become More Customer-Centric

16 Mar 2017
Having an amazing offering and providing robust customer support may be enough to make your customers like your agency. But being liked isn't enough.... Read More

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